the GoPro arrived and it’s absolutely amazing, i’m confused how/why i waited this long to buy it. expect many stupid and awesome and stupid-awesome videos to come…

Cooper & Carl (plus a head strap selfie point)

this is a snapchat of us running away from a falsely listed AirBNB. and by running away i mean we checked out and decided to move spots.

we actually had not reached the summit of the Tongariro crossing, but we were close. extra points for those who are reminded of Clark in the desert with this scarf fail.

another tongariro crossing video. this is just more fun selfie stuff. for the first tongariro selfie, check out north island part 2.

having fun as we descend the tongariro crossing…it was a long day.

this amazing motor park had a trampoline/moon bounce thing and no.1 didn’t believe i still had the flips in me…shame on her.

another selfie blair witch inspired spin on top of the tongariro crossing that i found.

here’s the full version of the infamous “lake kawa-e-wa-e-wah video”.

here’s my bungy at kawarua bridge. fun fact, this is where bungy jumping was invented.

and caroline’s from the viewers perspective. we’ll eventually load her gopro version but we need to edit some profanities out.

a quick view of queenstown from the skyline gondola restaurant. it’s important to note, as mentioned in the video, that we hiked to the venue and didn’t take the gondola. #hikersnowduh

carol the caravan from new zealand in all her glory

caroline’s first time driving in australia

a walk thru the sydney fish market

the coathanger from below

surfers doing their thang @ devil’s point in noosa beach

fruit bats in the city!

caroline in the reef

our cabin in Ubud, Indonesia

2 minutes walking around the monkey forrest in Ubud

5 minutes around Ubud on a scooter

caroline cruising thru GiliT

xmas jingle from the hotel lobby

nye in phuket

nye fireworks

muay thai boxing

‘the beach’ beach

:15 of a robot show

meiji shrine

sumo time

action and a view of the “BOX” seats

nightmare time


zen rock garden

tasty treats

informative fountain

samurai sword

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