a few places have mandatories (e.g. our vietnam visa end feb 20) but a lot of it can and probably will move as we are only planning as far ahead as necessary. did anyone expect anything different? bold is locked in and a strike thru means we’ve been there and done that.

New Zealand: 10.28-11.19
Australia: 11.19-12.9
Indonesia: 12.9-12.23
Singapore: 12.23-12.26
Myanmar (Burma): 12.26-12.30
Thailand: 12.30-1.9
Japan: 1.10-1.25
Taiwan: 1.25-1.30
Philippines: 1.30-2.2
Vietnam: 2.2-2.14
Cambodia: 2.14-2.18
Malaysia: 2.18-2.23
India: 2.23-3.11
Dubai: 3.11-3.14
Tanzania: 3.14-3.31
Argentina: 4.1-4.22
Chile: 4.22-5.6
Bolivia: 5.6-5.11
Peru: 5.11-5.20
USA roadtrip: 5.20-6.3
Sweet Home Chicago: 6.3

9 thoughts on “itinerary

  1. We were thinking of dropping Rory off with you guys in Argentina so we can jet off to Brazil for a week. Does that work for you???

    What a crazy ride you are about to embark on!

  2. OK… so…. I won’t mention how jealous I am that you’re on this trip as I’ve mentioned that several times before. BUT…..Burma – SO much to see…… And SUCH slow transport to see it with. Inle Lake. Bagan. Rangoon. to mention the obvious ones. Just 4 days? Good luck 🙂
    Oh & so happy to see you’re planning to go to Zanzibar. Perhaps the most beautiful sunsets in the world. For realz.
    Safe travels.

  3. Hogan – flying out to Thailand tomo @ 7a.m. Doing a mix (open for audibles) of Ko Samui, Phuket, Bali, Vietnam….Feb 2nd – 15th. Let’s meet up in Vietnam, I’ll hit you on email.

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