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after much consideration we decided to quit our jobs and travel the world. this is a dream come true and we are forever grateful to our family and friends for their support – aka not totally freaking out.

jj murphy's irish pub selfie, wellington 2014

jj murphy’s irish pub selfie, wellington 2014

if you feel like you need a break and want to join us check out our itinerary page then buy a flight and come meet up. we’re going to make some moves on the fly, so what you see on there today may change tomorrow, but keep checking back because we’ll keep updating as we figure it out.


ps – yes we are going to severely miss Carl

4 thoughts on “about us

  1. So thrilled for you to take this adventure. My husband & I just had a baby so we’re grounded for a while; I’ll be checking your site for vicarious living!! Bon voyage!

  2. I love you all (in general) and for taking this insanely amazing leap of faith. You will have the time of your lives. I don’t think I could be more pea green with envy!

  3. I posted Frank Basil on your plans.

    He would like to weigh in on your destinations, good to excellent.

    We love you both.


  4. I think you should end your fabulous trip the same way you started it (hint hint….MB….Lorraine).

    Miss you. Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!

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