final thoughts – india

must do:

  • golden triangle – delhi, agra, jaipur
  • take a sleeper train. ride everywhere in tuk-tuks
  • go to udaipur
  • muesli
  • bollywood movie – you won’t understand most of what they’re saying, but you’ll get the plot
  • mumbai
  • go to an old textile store/facility – see how prints are made, buy items on the cheap-cheap and negotiate. always negotiate.
  • yoga

can skip:

  • we really would recommend trying everything, going everywhere….basically don’t skip anything. however, if you were going to repeat our trip, skip goa…not that there’s anything particularly wrong with it, just better beach towns in the world

the longer version…

India is loud. People, music, movies, cars, clothing, everything.

Pushkar is a dry/vegetarian city. No joke.

Indian men get close. Like hold hands, arms around each other and hands on knees close. Girlfriend close.

Method of travel ranked in order from best to worst: air, train, foot, camel, tuk-tuk/car, bus.

India is cheap-cheap. Splurge on the hotel and any domestic travel. Leave your hotel immediately and go exploring.  

People sleep on the ground everywhere. Not just outside but in train stations, hotel stairwells, tuk-tuk/cabs, etc.

Updaipur and Jaipur. Arguably the best India has to offer.

Pants and sandals. India owns it. Don’t even bother trying.

They stare at length. At everything. Tying your shoes, buying water, whatever. Someone is always watching. Not just white people, but each other as well. When asked why they stare we were told “why not?” Just a way of life there.

You will be charged what they call “white tax”. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens.

Driving in any city, big or small, is terrifying and overly frustrating. I don’t understand how there aren’t constant fist fights in the streets. Everyone drives like a cab. Splitting lanes, constant honking, cutting each other off by inches. It’s bonkers.

The food! Oh my Buddha, the food! Second only to Japan, barely and only based on preference.

You can’t walk into an airport without proof of a flight or paying. Not to the gates, but in the front door.

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