final thoughts – taiwan & the philippines


  • juice and pancakes in da’an
  • shek-memorial, especially weekend or school holiday
  • travel by train and go see another city other than taipei
  • street food
  • night markets
  • palace museum
  • all forms of public transportation
  • green tea, vendors are as common as street food and it’s addicting stuff

can skip:

  • bringing food or beverages on the metro, they don’t allow it
  • eating an entire deep fried fish
  • taipei 101, it’s just another mall
  • high-tea, nice but boring
  • themed restaurants
  • drinking from the bottle
  • the weather
  • the zoo, unless you’ve never seen a giant pandas..besides that its a wash

the longer version…

7-11 is everything. EVERYTHING.

never drink from the bottle or turn down a (group) shot, both are considered crass.

take the train everywhere. very clean and very reliable, but buy day passes. it’s much cheaper and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

eat your way thru taiwan. seriously, just eat stuff when you see it.

speaking of…they have a fish you can literally in its entirety when it’s deep fried. the head, tail, bones etc. try one and its enough

scrip drugs need scrips. unlike lots of other parts of asia you’re going to need a scrip if you want BC or malaria meds etc. 

you can bring food and drink on the MTR, but you can’t eat or drink it. for instance, you can walk on with a Starbucks coffee with no stopper straw but if you get caught taking a sip it’s a fine. generally speaking they’ll bag it up anyway.

the weather is pretty much always overcast. Sunny days are rare. They blame China, no joke.

china, japan and bits of Europe take claim to Taiwan but the Taiwanese seem very much their own. hard to explain, go and see for yourself.

pretty much all parents go on payroll. children, even from well-to-do families, are expected to salary their parents once they are old enough to go to work. reciprocity for being born.

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