final thoughts – JAPAN

must do:

  • come with money. japan isn’t cheap. 
  • talk, at length, with everyone. especially 18-34 yr olds but even strangers, waiters, museum/hotel concierge, etc. you get the idea.
  • eat anywhere and everywhere. if it looks shady, it’s probably delicious. 

can skip:

  • nothing. don’t skip anything. if it sounds interesting to you, do it. 

the long version…

english isn’t as sparse as we were told but patience and apps are definitely needed.

you really can’t go wrong ordering food. even if there is no english on the menu just say the basics (sushi, ramen, sashimi, miso, toro, sake, etc). all else fails, basically every menu has pictures so just point at something and odds are its more delicious than any japanese food you’ve had at home.

in public sinks you can’t find water over a temperature of glacial… yet the shower water ranges from lava to hell’s lake.

a warm toilet seat is a luxury you didn’t know you needed until you’ve experienced it. also, as are themed bathrooms. 

efficiency is both an art and a science

if you don’t have a “no smoking” sign posted, someone will be smoking.

japanese babies to toddlers (I don’t know young human age ranges) are more adorable than any puppy or kitten you’ve ever seen.

in order to be a flight attendant on AirAsia you must be a smoke show, a sober 8 or above.

basically any sushi restaurant you go to, usually the shadier the better, will beat every 5* in the states. the conveyer belt spots (their version of fast food) are the exception, but still a solid 7.

tokyo is a must for everyone. it’s a little hard to explain but basically treat it like Vegas – go in with a budget, a return ticket and get the eff out. we stayed 4 days longer then we planned and got way off our travel budget.

kyoto is beautiful and well worth a few days of cultural exploration.

osaka is another fun big city with some cool areas. meet some folks and talk to them about the difference between Tokyo – makes for solid conversation.

we didn’t make it to Fuji bc there was only a 5% chance we’d see it in the winter, but heard it’s worth the short train ride.

also didn’t make it north of tokyo but, according to locals and ex-pats, its some of the best snowboarding in the world.

also, go to naha. didn’t get there but everyone we talked to said it was well worth the trip.

Sushi Yuu is a must. seriously don’t skip it and ask caroline or i for advice/stories.

_____ district in Tokyo. the blank there is on purpose. go to every district. 

if you can, catch a grand sumo tournament

trains – metro or shubya lines – is more efficient and on-point than most time pieces. 

fashion killa was written about Japan. they try it all and almost all of it works. plus, no one rocks high top sneaks better than Japanese women. #truth.

however….for Japanese men, think grown-ups, casual wear means you should look like you’re on the way to the golf course.

AirBNB had lots of options but live that Agoda life. we found great deals in great neighborhoods day of or even in 24 notice.

seriously, just go to Japan.

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