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singapore looks and seems like it’s a pretty great city. it’s clean and english was pretty easy to come by, but in all honesty i can’t tell you much about the place. we had high hopes to dive right back into city life, coming off 2 months of camping and remote bali beach life, but that’s not what the travel gods had in store…


this doesn’t look good…singapore, 2014

bali belly is exactly what it sounds like and, as you can imagine, is a very humbling experience when living in a 200sqft hotel room. i was fortunate enough to dodge it but caroline wasn’t so lucky. which means i suffered that weird intangible pain that twins or best friends get when those closest to them are in pain was a whipping post. she spent our first day in singapore in hell hating me.

she started feeling bad the night before we left bali and the hate started from the moment we landed in singapore. i insisted we take the train to our hotel ($4 or $50 and we’re on a budget) and thank god we were in public or it probably would have gotten physical. soon as we checked in caroline drew the blinds, killed the lights and sent me out on medicinal and french fry based errands until she was ready for me to leave and never come back.

i bounced and promised caroline id stay out of chinatown because she has some weird thing for seeing all the major city chinatown’s in the world which is probably because she doesn’t like the actual country of China. so..i jumped on the metro and headed to chinatown to check out the much recommended club street and then took the train up to orchard road, which is basically michigan avenue on growth hormones, to find a xmas present for caroline. being that it was december 23rd it was not awesome so i went to dinner by myself at their version of a goose island, equally disappointed, home by 10p with more starch based presents for caroline before i was out like a light.

now, my turn. around 1am i woke up with a solid fever and a pain that i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and immediately understood caroline’s general hatred for me and life. getting sick on this trip, especially early on, is made exponentially worse in the case that “home” is really no where in sight. i spent our 2nd day in singapore either in the fetal position on the floor of the shower (there was no bath tub) or laying completely still on my back. when movement was possible i was researching the symptoms on everything from malaria and dungue fever to kidney stones and a ruptured spleen. after a few days of “toughing it out” i decided i had some sort of combination of all the worst possible human abdominal related diseases and finally called in a doctor while we were in myanmar. however, im jumping ahead a little bit here and those details will come in the next post.


fake smiles, singapore, 2014

our last day in singapore was christmas and we decided we should both get up and try and walk around. ever since we got married we have started traveling over xmas and somehow always find ourselves on a river cruise the day of. i wouldn’t necessarily call it a tradition, but caroline would, and a med-student case study of travelers diarrhea and constipation wasn’t about to break it. we completed about 1/2 of singapore’s version then went back to the hotel to sit in the dark and recharge. we attempted a xmas dinner at a place called wings, such a bad idea. we met a group of girls the next day to start a tour of myanmar with caroline nearly back to normal and me now playing the strong silent type.

long-story-short – if anyone wants to go to singapore it’s back on our list of places to visit. however, we can’t all stay at the park inn clark quay hotel because they’re out of toilet paper. here’s a handful of photos from our river cruise:


stomach issues? you should definitely get on this boat, singapore, 2014


some cool lion fish fountain, singapore, 2014


a bridge, singapore, 2014


very hunger games looking city garden, singapore, 2014


city center skyline, singapore, 2014


another bridge but older than the other one, singapore, 2014


a famous hotel and a performance center (?) flower looking thing, singapore, 2014


all awesome cities have huge ferris wheels, singapore, 2014

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