final thoughts – myanmar (burma)

must do:

  • inle lake and trails
  • bagan & balloon ride
  • smoke shops
  • silk weaving factory
  • temples on temples on temples
  • mandalay (we think, see below)
  • yangon slums

can skip:

  • yangon city
  • travel by train

the long version…

we didn’t do a ton of research for burma since we weren’t originally planning to go and joined the trip late, but that said, burma is a must do. its still pretty untouched when compared to other SE asian countries and 5 days was just too short. you shouldn’t need more than 10, probably 8…yeah, let’s say 8.

yangon you pretty much have to go to but don’t spend more than a day, do a hop on-off type thing, then pass thru it.

we didn’t go to mandalay bc time wasn’t on our side, but heard great things.

hike at inle lake. again we didn’t enough time, but researched some of the walks and talk to some guides and it sounds awesome.

go to a smoke shop and see the rollers. it’s pretty bonkers.

go temple crazy and market crazy.

buy a sand painting in bagan. we didn’t and quickly learned that after you leave bagan that are not available.

we learned that lime repels misquotes. drink corona or ask for a lime in your water/vodka. #funfact

jump to the other side of the river and go to the slums in yangon. the tours are cheap plus you’ll get a real look at the people and their resilience. safety may not appear to be priority, but one of our katie’s did it on her own so, yeah, you can handle.

if you’re going to get sick, don’t do it here. still a little behind.

fertility is a big point of pride in myanmar men. constantly i was asked how many kids i had and the response on “none” was laughable.

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