carol the caravan

oh Carol, where to begin..

you don’t have the wifi you promised and your curtains absolutely do not block out the sun or the peering eyes of our neighbors whom, generally speaking, are usually german. your “master bed” is no “master bed”. even when combined with the cushions of the “guest bed”, you still somehow give me hip dysplasia when attempting to sleep in any manner but flat on my back. your windows and doors are not sealed. you only have one working headlight, but your ac/heat works perfectly – in the off position. your horn was somehow quitter than the vibration setting on my cell phone and everything inside of you rattles, everything, at any speed on any surface.


carol with sheep in marlborough, new zealand, november 2014

and for all these reasons we forever love you.


overnight in abel tasman park, new zealand, 2014

sincerely…the mogans

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