thick nic gets hitched

nicole is one of the lucky ones. she’s smart, pretty, funny…really just an all around HUGE personality. and so it goes the inevitable took place and she finds herself a truly genuine chubby chaser to lock it down and architecture of one of the classic American love stories. jason first found nicole knee deep in a chipotle burrito bowl in old town and somehow convinced her to join him at the Villa Park olive garden for the never ending pasta bowl passes he had recently acquired. it wasn’t long after that jason, a carpenters grandson, would rescue nicole from an impending case of diabetes and tow her as far west as humanly possible to the sunsets of Manhattan Beach, CA. that’s amore!


dance floor open

her wedding was perfect. an intimate setting, great food, top shelf booze …within walking distance to our airbnb apartment. it was only fitting that the DJs played rap all night as the ceremony and reception were held on one of Kendrick Lamar’s favorite streets, Rosecrans Ave. as with all weddings we met some really great folks – christine and her vivacious arm dancing, renee bringing her own glow sticks, anna demanding “real rap and none of this 90’s pop bullsh@t”, bob taking ms. brown out onto the dance floor and no.1 seeing if anyone knew where to find local CA vegetation.


the next night

manhattan beach is beyond beautiful. could have been the fact we stayed in an airbnb 150 steps from the beach (we counted) or that we had a few awesome hosts lorraine & bella were a delight. beyond (and likely due to) the fact that it’s pretty much 75° every single effin day, the overall demeanor of the people is very pleasant. every uber driver, waiter/waitress and resident we spoke to couldn’t have been more welcoming.


manhattan beach, october 2014

all in all, quite the lovely start to a long trip ahead.

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